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Customer Reviews & Stories

I just moved into town and the engine light went on in my Volvo. Jerry got me in that day, did a scan, cleared the issue and did the work promptly so I could make another commitment. The work only took 15-20 minutes and there was no charge. I needed an oil change a couple weeks later and made a same day appointment, work was done promptly and at a very good price. I have found my go-to auto shop and just moved into town!

— George S.

What a great find... thanks to Mark G. and Pastor Tim S. for letting us know about this great group of people. We had been traveling to the cities for maintenance on our two Hondas ever since we had moved to the area six years ago. Now we only have to travel a few miles to Rice Lake to have service on our vehicles. We have learned quickly that F&F Automotive are people we can trust and appreciate their expertise in knowing what is necessary to keep our vehicles in top running order.... thank you!

— Bruce and Phyllis W.

F&F has been working on my cars since 1995. During that time I've taken my Toyota, Subaru, Honda and Infiniti to them and have always been pleased with their work. I do alot of driving with my work and depend on a reliable repair shop. Many times I've needed a quick turn around and they have always accomodated me.

— Rick L.

Fred & Jerry, love your new web page.

I can't believe the changes to the business since we as a family started bringing our cars to F&F. When we moved to Rice Lake in 1990 my neighbors recommended F&F Auto and at that time you were at the corner of Orchard Beach and Main. I appreciate how you have always been willing to examine a noise or vibration that I would be experiencing while driving one of our family vehicles and then you giving me an honest evaluation of the problem. F & F Auto was the first business where I was given options about temporarially or permantly fixing the problem, but with safety alway being first. Your diagnostic ability is second to none, and with todays high tech cars that is so important. Thanks for your service.

— Clif B.

My wife, daughter and I have been taking ALL our vehicles to F&F for over 10 years. They have been incredibly flexible with scheduling, have provided great service, and have treated us like family. They have taken care of everything regarding our Subaru, Volkswagen, and Ford vehicles. Great family business!

— Bradley B.

The staff at F & F did a great job on my daughter's car. They completed all the repairs and at a reasonable price. They restored her confidence that she was driving a quality reliable car needed for city driving to a newly started career. The staff was great communicating along the process. This was not the first time working with F & F and each time we had the same quality good service.

— Gregg K.

I've had my Volkswagen serviced at F & F Automotive since I moved to Cameron from the Twin Cities. Amanda and everyone else has always been great to work with! I much prefer bringing my car to F & F rather than taking it to a Volkswagen dealership. Very reasonable prices and great service! Thank you!

— Cherie R.

Amanda and the staff at F & F provide personal prompt service. They perform only the work that needs to be done on your vehicle. Prices are very reasonable. Would totally recommend F & F to everyone.

— Pamela N.
Rice Lake, WI

Thanks for picking up my car on Thursday at work, and for taking care of my oil leak so promptly. I really appreciate you going the extra mile. Have a wonderful spring season.

— Karen